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Any community event is only as goods as its volunteers – and the inaugural Main Beach Spring Flower Festival is no exception.

Already the small organising committee has spent thousands of hours getting the Festival on the road. But we will require a lot of volunteer help as the Festival draws closer, especially in the second half of July, in the weeks leading up the the Festival, and during the weekend of 7-8 September.

Several people have already volunteered their services, but we need many, many more.

If you are an arty person, you will have the opportunity to work with Julia Rose, helping her to build her amazing installations.

But we also need people with practical skills , for cleaning and painting the empty shops in Tedder Avenue that we hope to use for installations and workshops.

We are looking for people to act as Festival ambassadors, greeting people as they arrive at Tedder Avenue from all directions.

Ambassadors will be handing out a special Festival passport which will direct people to where to find particular functions and events.

If there is something you are interested in, tick the appropriate box. If you don’t mind terribly what you do, just check the ‘General helper’ box

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