Sculptor, Antone Bruinsma

Renowned professional stone sculptor, Antone Bruinsma, whose unique artwork is greatly inspired by Nature, especially the magical world of flowers, will be showcasing 2 of his spectacular pieces at HELEN PARK. This is located on the corner of the Gold Coast Highway and Tedder Avenue (opposite the Main Beach Light Rail). 

In recent years, Antone has taken his amazing flower sculptures to impressive levels, and many of his works have been collected by Councils, corporations and avid private collectors in Australia and overseas – including Sydney City Council, Brisbane City Council, Lake Macquarie City Council, the famous Shanghai Sculpture Park and the Gold Coast City Council to name a few. He is a regular exhibitor at the Swell Sculpture Festival at Currumbin Beach, including this year, and will also be a holding master-sculptor limestone carving workshop (in conjunction with the festival) at the artist’s studios at Cedar Creek. (Please contact Swell for more information.)

Antone’s motto, “Blossom with the beauty of stone”, clearly illustrates his love and appreciation for natural materials and using them sensitively to express humanity’s important connection to Nature through various narratives and interplay of sculptural forms. It highlights his optimistic perspective and is a recognition of how organic art, in particular with the grounding nature of stone, enriches our lives. For the artist it is a delightful challenge to create soft flowing and (sometimes) delicate forms from quite hard materials.

The two sculptures presented at this year’s flower festival explore aspects of life’s hopes and motivations. One piece is more inwardly focused while the other is exuberant and in a virtual dance. Both artworks are delightful in their playfulness and exude a unique charm. (They are available and the price is on application from the artist.)

“The Mystery”, in Rosa stone, is a subtle piece which acknowledges the amazing emergence of beauty. Where does this originate from? Why do we appreciate it? This sculpture is meaningful to the artist as it shows the outer petals protecting the inner ones, which represent the fragile nature of our creative selves. It symbolises the contemplative moment just before fully blossoming.

“The Opening of the Heart”, in white Helidon freestone and painted aluminium, is a joyful expression of acceptance and freedom. The myriad of “dances” we participate in through life elevate our levels of understanding and acceptance, and our hearts open. (Please note that the stamen was kept short for public safety. A larger one can be made to order for suitable conditions.)

For more information on Antone’s wonderful sculptures please visit his website:

Or to view more of his actual works in a natural setting at the artist’s residence, please call the artist on 0408 755 135 (Please note that visits are by appointment only.)

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