Through her label, ONE ROCK BONSAI Leisa creates an intriguing and whimsical collection of little Trees, Pots and Landscapes.

She began teaching herself how to grow and manicure the young trees and felt uninspired by the pots that were available so she set about designing a range of bonsai pots that reflects her passion for the art. She creates vessels of different shapes, sizes and finishes which can be partnered with the different varieties and style of trees. With many of the natives, she wanted a style of pot that would look very natural and rustic so for example a red gum or eucalypts would look very natural growing out of a rock. Her ‘Rock Pots’ are becoming increasingly popular among bonsai enthusiasts and by varying the clays used, she further enhances the uniqueness of their character.

“There is something so satisfying about growing a young tree then pairing it with a pot that captures and enhances its unique qualities and beauty. A tree truly comes to life and takes on a personality all its own when the match is right.”

Leisa Russell

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