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Floral Fun Facts

  • There are about 400 000 different types of flowers
  • The biggest flower in the world is a giant lily called the titan arums (but it’s even more famous for how terrible it smells than for its gigantic size – People have been known to pass out from the smell!)
  • The ‘priceless orchid’ only blooms once a year, for one night, and dies in the morning.
  • Did you know that you eat flowers? Broccoli, cauliflower and artichokes are actually very tasty flowers
  • A scientist in Singapore created glowing flowers by combining firefly DNA with a white orchid!
  • Sunflowers keep turning their heads so that they can face the sun all day long
  • There are 5 flowers that smell just like chocolate; Chocolote Cosmos, the Chocolate Orchid, Black Salsify, Chocolate Daisy and Chocolate Mint!
  • Floriography is the language of flowers – in the olden days, people would send each other bouquets of flowers that contained secret messages in flower-form. You would then have to ‘decode’ your bouquet using a flower dictionary.
  • The ‘daisy’ was originally called the ‘day’s eye’ because of its golden centre that looks like a tiny sun; the ‘eye of the day’.
  • Plants breathe in what we breathe out (‘carbon-dioxide’) – and breathe out what we breathe in (‘oxygen’)– they’re our perfect match!

Festival Colouring Pages

Download some flower festival themed colouring pages here!