What does ‘phygital’ mean?
‘Phygital’ is a mashup of ‘physical’ and ‘digital’. This year’s festival will offer both.

What will be available online?
Online, we invite you to enjoy a range of videos, classes and presentations from local and international artists and floral masters. We have digitised our installations this year and will be offering a digital tour of an immersive wonderland, along with other, specially created
films. These include a ‘butterfly’s view of our beautiful area and a performance from Opera Queensland. Along the way, you will also find inspiring, ‘floral-themed’ articles, kid’s activities and interviews with some Floral Greats.

What’s happening on Tedder Avenue this year?
Our carefully managed festival is specially designed to comply with social distancing
regulations, bringing beauty that can be enjoyed from a safe distance on June 27-28. Take a peek at our installations and enjoy the atmosphere from one of our picturesque cafes and restaurants, with well-spaced displays and roving street performances happening across 2 days.

Who organises the Flower Festival?
The Main Beach Business & Tourism Association Inc. Become a member and support our local community:

p: 0419 330 836
e: [email protected]

Why butterflies?
We chose the theme of butterflies in the wake of this year’s devastating bushfire season. As a symbol of renewal, butterflies embody the spirit of Australians rebuilding and re-imagining their future.

The implications of the covid-19 crisis are also strikingly relevant to our theme, with each of us finding our own way to safely ‘cocoon’ so that we can re-enter the world in vibrant new colours when the time is right.

Does it cost anything to attend?
No, this year’s festival is completely free.